Challenge Series

Winter Warrior Challenge

January 1 - March 31

Choose the level that best suits your schedule. You select the daily distance and work to accumulate your total kilometres.

  • Daily – 90 day run streak
  • Weekly- run at least 5x week –total 65 runs
  • Monthly – run at least 15x month – total 45 runs

Marathon to Marathon Challenge

April 1 – May 31

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Marathon, complete the distance from the Queen City Marathon start line in Regina to the finish line of the Saskatchewan Marathon in Saskatoon (virtually of course).

  • Total distance to complete 266 km
  • Looking for a larger challenge make it a round trip

Saskatchewan Area Code Challenge

June 1 – July 31

Choose the distance that best suits your schedule. Distances reflect the area codes in Saskatchewan, including the newly introduced 474.

  • Complete 306 km, 474 km or 639 km between June 1 and July 31

50/50 or 100/100 Challenge

August 1 – September 30

Registration opening soon!

A bit of a different challenge for those looking to race rather than accumulate distance.

  • Complete 50 km in 50 hours or 100km in 100 hours. Time starts when you do and you must cover the distance before the clock runs out.

Run the Day Challenge

October 1 – November 30

Registration opening soon!

  • Run the distance for the day, ie, Oct 1 run 1 km, Oct 10 run 10 km, Oct 30 run 30 km.
  • Run up to 961 km. Select the days you run and record to maximize your distance.